Ottoman manuscript chart of the Mediterranean

The Ottoman manuscript chart of the Mediterranean with Map ID: M.0313 is an item of exceptional significance, recording a total of 842 place names (in Ottoman script) that indicate coastal towns, islands, islets, reefs, bays, capes and river mouths.
In this interactive digital presentation, the international and local names corresponding to the Ottoman toponyms marked on the chart are also indicated.

Transcription of the original toponyms and identification of their modern equivalents: Agamemnon Tselikas, philologist-palaeographer, Director of the Historical and Palaeographical Archive of the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation.
Interactive map development: Geography Department, Harokopio University, Evangelos Papadias, PhD candidate.

INSTRUCTIONS: Search can be conducted in the 'Search for a toponym' field (magnifying glass icon). Type the first letters of the place name you search for (either in Greek or Latin) and select one of the suggested results that appear. The place of interest appears on the surface of the chart. By clicking on it, you will see the international name, the modern local name and the transcription of the original name of that place. If you wish to view the placemarks in the vicinity of the place of interest, click for maximum zoom (using the zoom bar on the top left). To reset click the last icon on the left.


Map ID M.0313
Cartographer ANONYMOUS
Cartouche [Untitled chart of the Mediterranean Sea]
Place of publication / Year no place / 17th-18th c.
Medium / Dimensions Manuscript / 2560 x 1120 mm
Description Manuscript on 15 sheets of paper, joined together. The watermark on all sheets is the ‘tre lune’ or ‘luna crescente’. In pen and ink and watercolours (red, green, blue, black, yellow). Names of towns in red ink in Ottoman Turkish. Town plans in black. Important places highlighted in gold, e.g. the Nile, Istanbul, and other locations that may signify of good harbours; Mt. Aetna is shown errupting. Shallows are marked with dots. A special feature of this chart are the mounted manuscript labels in Italian that mark major geographical and topographical sites.

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