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Book ID B.0033
Author MOLL, Herman (?1654-1732)

Bowles’s Geographia Classica; Or, The Geography Of The Ancients, As Contained In The Greek And Latin Classics: Exhibited In Thirty=two Maps, Shewing The Several Empires, Kingdoms and Provinces, the Chief Cities, Towns, Rivers and Mountains, mentioned in Homer, Herodotus, Justin, Virgil, Ovid..., and many other ancient Authors. Principally Designed For The Use Of Schools. As being accommodated for the more easy and clear understanding of Ancient Authors. By Herman Moll, Geographer. London: Printed for the Proprietors, Bowles and Carver, at their Map and Print Warehouse, No. 69, St. Paul’s Church Yard.— Bowles’s Geographia Antiqua, Latinorum Et Græcorum, Tabulis XXXII. Novis & Accuratis Expressa... Auctore Hermanno Moll, Geographo. Londini: Pro Proprietariis Impressum Bowles Et Carver.

Short Title Geographia Classica...
Format Small 4to
Place of publication London
Publishing responsibility Bowles and Carver
Year ca. 1790

A late edition. This work seems to have been first produced sometime before 1726, which was the date of the second edition. A third edition appeared in 1732, the year of Moll’s death, and another edition was published in 1784 by C. Bowles.


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