In the Quest of Cartographers and Travellers to Cyprus During the 16th Century: The Travels of Ludwig Tschudi in 1519


The aim of the paper is to demonstrate the special interest of European cartographers and travelers in Cyprus during the 16th century. The 16th century was important to the history of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, as the events of that period went on to mold the political and cultural development of the island. Cyprus was under Venetian rule from 1489 to 1571, by which time it was occupied by the Ottomans.
The war for the conquest of Cyprus by the Ottomans is known as the "War of Cyprus". Through the original sources included in the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, a presentation will be made of the most important cartographic representations of the island of Cyprus e.g. those of Bordone 1528, Zuallart 1587 and Langenes 1598. "Newspapers" that awoken great interest in the events of the "War of Cyprus" 1570-1571, will also be introduced. Finally, travellers to Cyprus and their reports on the island, which were circulated in various languages in Europe, e.g. Fabri 1556, Aveyro 1563 and Cotovicus 1598-1599 will be presented.
Special emphasis will be placed on the depictions of cities, archeological sites, secular and ecclesiastical monuments and, where possible, on references on the inhabitants of Cyprus.



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