Although to Sight Lost to Memory Dear: Peregrinations in Cyprus


With reference to travelogues, notes, diaries and correspondence, an attempt will be made to present the development of peregrinations and the changes in the expectations of the travellers as regards the island of Cyprus.
The paper will examine the reasons which prompted the visits to Cyprus, varying according to the chronological period, as well as the journeys within the country and the difficulties confronting the visitors. The visitors' searches and expectations and the factors formulating the varied opinions concerning the island will be discussed, as well as the impressions given by the Greek and Turkish Cypriots as regards appearance, costumes and every day life.
The topography of Cyprus was often appealing but certain parts and places were especially popular while others almost unknown. Reasons for this phenomenon will be examined. Furthermore, descriptions of the customs and norms of the local population by travellers who observed or partook in these traditional events will also be examined in order to ascertain whether their observations correspond to the common beliefs we have regarding these traditions, or whether the visitors were mistaken in their perceptions and assessments.
The conditions on the island over the centuries will be presented through the major events that took place and through the experiences of the travellers.


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