British Travellers’ Perception of Cypriot Identities (1878-1960)


The subject of the paper is British travelers' perceptions of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot identities from the beginning of British rule until the creation of the independent Republic of Cyprus in 1960. The somewhat unusual conditions under which Cyprus experienced British rule, first as a part of the Ottoman Empire which had been turned over to British administration, then as an annexed British territory from 1914 and finally as a British Crown Colony from 1925 to 1960, seem to have been the principal determinants of British points of view, whether of travellers or of others, on Cyprus.
In the paper we shall be presenting mostly travel narratives, but also a variety of other texts such as official reports, pamphlets, articles in the press etc. The paper's aim is to paint a fuller picture of the mechanisms by which the identities of the island's inhabitants were codified by the British.


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