Greek Travellers’ Writings on 19th Century Cyprus


The first printed book on Cyprus to be published in Greece was Dimitrios Margaritis's booklet Diatribe on Cyprus, which came out in 1849. It is essentially a report by the first Greek Consul to the island. Margaritis describes the situation in mid-19th century Cyprus based on the observations he made during his travels, the information he received from the archive of the French Consulate, and the news reports sent to him by friends in different towns across the island.
Athanassios Sakellarios from Aghios Petros Kynourias, who had worked as a school principal in Larnaca from 1849 to 1854, published in Athens in 1854 and 1868 two substantial tomes entitled Ta Kypriaka, which were reprinted with corrections and additions in 1890 and 1891. They include information on the geography, the archaeology, the history, the language and the local customs of Cyprus.
In 1890, Kypris, a book by Georgios Frangoudis was published in Athens, the fruit of the Cypriot author's travels.


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