"Cyprus on the Crossroads of Travellers and Map-makers from the 15th to 20th Century"

October 18-20, 2012 - Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens


Session Title Speaker Proceedings
Inaugural Session Welcome Addresses Paris Tsartas, Constantinos Christofides, Chryssa Maltezou, Christos Zacharakis
  Inaugural Speech Christodoulou
Session IThe Images of Cyprus in Early Modern Times: Threads of Tradition Mapping Medieval Biblical Exegesis in the Reformation: Putting Cyprus on the Map Catherine Delano-Smith
  Cyprus in Cosmographic Narratives George Tolias
  La méthode géographique d'un humaniste: la description de Chypre de Pietro Ranzano (1427/1428 - 1492/1493) The Geographical Method of a Humanist: The Description of Cyprus by Pietro Ranzano (1427/1428 - 1492/1493) Patrick Gautier Dalché
  Cyprus in a Late Medieval Illustrated Encyclopedia of Geography Chet Van Duzer
  Dessins, plans et maquettes des ingénieurs militaires vénitiens à Chypre Designs, Plans, and Models by Venetian Military Engineers in Cyprus Gilles Grivaud
  The Chorography of Venetian Kyrenia (Cirenes) in the Mid-16th Century Katerina V. Korré
  In the Quest of Cartographers and Travelers to Cyprus During the 16th Century: The Travels of Ludwig Tschudi in 1519 Lefki Michaelidou
  Why Were Medieval Sea Charts still Being Produced Four Centuries Later? Does the Answer Lie in the Aegean? Tony Campbell
  The Silence of Ottoman Cartographer Piri Reis Concerning the Tomb of Hala Sultan in Larnaca Elizabeth A. Zachariadou
  Elijah of Pesaro and his Description of Famagusta, 1563 Benjamin Arbel
  The Romanian Prince Petru Cercel (Earring Peter) (1583-1585) in Rhodes and Cyprus Tudor Dinu
  From the Natural and the Religious Geography to the Monastery Landscapes: Vasili Barskij Panagiotis Doukellis
Discussion Session I   Chair: Catherine Delano-Smith
Session IIChanging Images and Points of Correspondence: Ottoman Domination and Western Penetration Cyprus in the Cosmography (Cihannüma) of the Ottoman Geographer Kâtib Çelebî Michalis N. Michael - Eftihios Gabriel
  Towns and Countryside of Cyprus in Travellers Accounts Helen Angelomatis-Tsougarakis
  Although to Sight Lost to Memory Dear: Peregrinations in Cyprus Rita C. Severis
  Three English Maps of Cyprus – Morden, Jefferys and Drummond Laurence Worms
  Reconstructing Orality: Travellers and Networks in Cyprus in the 18th Century Julia Chatzipanagioti-Sangmeister
  The Visit to Cyprus of Domingo Badía (Ali Bey) and other Spanish Travellers Pedro Bádenas de la Peña
Discussion of Session II   Chair: Lefki Michaelidou
Session IIIContrasts and Challenges: Empire, Colonialism and Nation Travellers' Economic Perspectives on Cyprus: The New 'Eldorado'? Margarita Dritsas
  Tourism and Informal Empire in the Mediterranean: The British and Mallorca, 1919-1973 John K. Walton
  British Travellers' Perception of Cypriot Identities (1878-1960) Mary Roussou-Sinclair
  British Travellers in the Late 19th Century. Cultural Representations and the Ideology of Imperialism Kyriakos Demetriou
  Eugen Oberhummer – A German Geographer and Classical Scholar Travelling in Cyprus in the Late 19th Century Sabine Rogge
  Greek Travellers' Writings on 19th Century Cyprus Giorgos Georgis
  Greek Visitors in Cyprus during the 20th Century: Experiences, Perceptions, Acceptances Aikaterini Papadoulaki
  Gladys Peto, AthinaTarsouli: "Details on Cyprus" Eleni Antoniadou
Discussion of Session III   Chair: John K. Walton
Session IVCartographical and Travellers' Collections in the Digital Age Advanced Technologies and Tools for Providing Cultural Material Online with a Focus on Improving the User Experience Evi Sachini
Clossing Session Closing remarks Chair: Artemis Scutari Margarita Dritsas, George Tolias
  Panel discussion Patrick Gautier Dalché, Catherine Delano-Smith, Margarita Dritsas, Evangelos Livieratos, George Tolias

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