"Corsairs and Pirates in the Eastern Mediterranean, 15th-19th c."

October 17-19, 2014 - Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens



Session Title Speaker Proceedings
Inaugural Session Welcoming Addresses Artemis Scutari, Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis
  Keynote Speech David J. Starkey

Session I 
Topoi of Piracy
Chair: Eva Kalpourtzi

Pirate Spaces: Mapping Piracy in the Early Modern Mediterranean through Captivity Accounts Eda Özel
Piracy and Privateering in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Early 19th Century: From the Standpoint of the Ionian Consular Network (1800-1807) Gerassimos D. Pagratis
  A Hub of Piracy in the Middle of the Aegean: Syros during the War of Independence Apostolos Delis  
  Pirates during a Revolution – The
Faces of Piracy and the Reaction of Local Societies
Dimitris Dimitropoulos
Discussion of Session I    Commentator:
Olga Katsiardi-Hering
Session II 
Scale and Character of Commerce-Raiding
Chair: Nikolaos Chrissidis

Privateering and Slave Trade in the Cyclades in the Late
17th Century

George Koutzakiotis
  A Holy Razzia? Ottoman Corsairs in Ottoman Historiography Emrah Safa Gürkan
  Per omnes partes barbarie orientis’ – Maltese Corsairing in the Levant,
16th-17th Centuries
Joan Abela
Discussion of Session II     Commentator:
Nikos Belavilas
Session III 
Politics and Legitimacy
Chair: Nicholas Coureas
‘It is Not Halal to Raid Them’: Piracy and Law in the 17th-Century Ottoman Mediterranean Joshua Μ. White
  The Pirate’s Gaze: 18th-Century
English and French Chart Making of the Mediterranean Sea
Christine Petto
  Pirates, Privateers, and Neutrals: Aegean Maritime Violence and International Law, 1770-1830 Will Smiley
Discussion of Session III    Commentator: Vassilis Kardasis
Session IV 
Piracy and the State
Chair: Christine Petto
Rediscovering ‘Mr. Roberts’: An English Mariner’s Aegean Captivity Narrative (1692-1693) Colin Heywood
  Privateering between the Company and the Nation: Commerce and Diplomacy in the Mid-18th Century Eastern Mediterranean Basil C. Gounaris
  ‘Ill-Treated by Friends’: Ottoman Responses to British Privateering in the Mid-18th Century Michael Talbot
  The Participation of the Island of Hydra in Countering Piracy in the Aegean in the Early 19th Century Sophia Laiou
Discussion of Session IV    Commentator: 
Molly Greene
Session V
Images of Piracy
Chair: Natasha Constantinidou
Images of Piracy in Ottoman Literature, 16th to 18th Centuries Marinos Sariyannis
  The Pirate State: Post-Colonial Τrajectories of an Imperial Concept from the First to the Third Barbary War (1801-2011) Amedeo Policante
  Redbeard, Baba & Co: Piracy and Parody in Asterix Nikolaos Chrissidis
Discussion of Session V    Commentator: 
Maria Fusaro
Closing Session
Chair: Panagiotis N. Doukellis
Piracy and International Law Petros Siousiouras and Evi Baxevani

Concluding Remarks

Gelina Harlaftis

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