«Textualising the Experience – Digitalising the Text: Cyprus through Travel Literature (15th-18th c.)»

6-8 February 2019 - Learning Resource Centre "Stelios Ioannou", University of Cyprus, Nicosia


Session Title Speaker Presentation
Welcome Addresses   Elena Diomidi-Parpouna, Tasos Christofides, Artemis Scutari, Kostas Champiaouris, Jacques Bouchard

Inaugural Session -
Collecting, Reading, Researching
Πρόεδρος: Jacques Bouchard

Travel Literature in the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation Collection Leonora Navari
Textualising the Experience - Digitalising the Text: The Journey of Information from Text to Electronic Database Julia Chatzipanagioti-Sangmeister
It's for All of Us! Peter Economides
Session A – Travellers and Travel Literature
Part 1
Chair: Anastasia Nikolopoulou

The Cyprus of the Travellers (15th-16th Centuries)

Chryssa Maltezou
The Presence of European Travel Literature in the Libraries of European Merchants in the Levant Cornel Zwierlein
The Italian Travellers’ View of Cyprus in Early Modern Times: Political Representations of an Imaginary Dominion Eleftheria Zei
  Discussion Part 1  
Part 2
Chair: Pantelis Voutouris

The Cypriot World in the Age of the Protestant Reformation in Europe

Pavlína Šípová
The Representation of Cyprus by the German Traveller Carsten Niebuhr about 1766 Chariton Karanasios
Charting the Empire: The Colonial Eye in Travellers’ Accounts Mary Roussou-Sinclair
  Discussion Part 2  
Part 3
Chair: Georgios Xenis

Cyprus in the 18th Century from the Descriptions of Two Swedish Travellers

Vassilios Sabatakakis
Travel and Fiction: The Case of the French Explorer, Geographer, Astronomer and Encyclopaedist Charles Marie de La Condamine (1701-1774) Dimitri Dolapsakis
Giovanni Mariti’s Treatise on Cypriot Wine Sasha Djordjevic
  Discussion Part 3  
Session B – Cyprus: Representations of Space and People
Part 1
Chair: Thomas A. Sinclair
Routes in 18th-century Cyprus Panagiotis N. Doukellis
Angelicus Maria Müller (1677-1734) and the Island of Cyprus Andreas Ε. Müller
Reading Between the Lines: Facts, Tales and Misunderstandings Concerning Christian Monuments of Cyprus (7th-18th Centuries) Based on Travellers’ Texts Charalampos G. Chotzakoglou
  Discussion Part 1  
Part 2
Chair: Chryssa Maltezou
The Representation of Cyprus in the Work of Olfert Dapper (1688): Images of the Mediterranean in the Travel Literature of the Late Dutch Golden Age Maria-Tsampika Lampitsi
Interdenominational Interaction in Ottoman Cyprus (Orthodox, Catholics, Armenians, Jews) Ioannis Zelepos
The Armenians of Cyprus According to Western Travellers Hervé R. Georgelin
  Discussion Part 2  
Part 3
Chair: Michalis N. Michael
The Ottoman Occupation of Cyprus in Johann van Kootwyck’s Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum et Syriacum Spyridon Tzounakas
Travellers and the Administration of Ottoman Justice in Cyprus: New Insights Facilitated by the Zefyros Research Programme Richard Wittmann
Muslims and Islam in the Work of Giovanni Mariti Dimitris Stamatopoulos
  Discussion Part 3  
Closing Session — From Card Catalogues to Digital Technologies
Chair: Artemis Scutari
Coordinator: Filippos Tsimpoglou

Roundtable Discussion Aliki Asvesta, Maria Georgopoulou, Thanos Papadimitriou, Apostolos Sarris
General Discussion  

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