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Book ID B.1745
Author SALIGNAC, Barthélemy (fl. 1520-1550)

Itinerarij Terre sancte: inibiq[ue] sacrorum locorū: ac rerum clarissima descriptio: omnibus sacre scripture tractatoribus vtilissima: peramena auditoribus: per Bartholomeū a Saligniaco sedis ap[osto]lice prothonotariū: equestris ordinis militē: ac vtriusq[ue] iuris p[ro]fessorē nup[er] emissa. Ueneūt hec opuscula nūq[ue] hactenus excusa / Lugduni ī vico mercuriali ī edib[us] honesti viri Gilberti de Uilliers ad imaginem diui Joānis Baptiste cū oronib[us] ī Terra sctā rep[er]tis. Cum priuilegio.

Short Title Itinerarij Terre sancte ...
Format Small 8vo
Edition First edition
Place of publication Lyon
Publishing responsibility Gilbert de Villiers
Year 1525

There may be another issue with spelling variations in the title. Little is known of Salignac. According to his preface, he returned to France in 1522, having spent many years on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, travelling from Venice along the familiar pilgrim route via Corfu, Crete and Cyprus. The work is dedicated to Jean III, Cardinal of Lorraine (1498-1550).



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Place of publication:Lyon
Author:SALIGNAC, Barthélemy (fl. 1520-1550)

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