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Book ID Β.0133
Author FÜRER VON HAIMENDORF, Christoph (1541-1610)

Christophori Füreri ab Haimendorf, Equitis Aurati, Duumviri Reip. Noribergensis primarii, & in rebus bellicis Consiliarii supremi &c. Itinerarium Ægypti, Arabiæ, Palæstinæ, Syriæ, Aliarumque Regionum Orientalium. Addita est Oratio funebris & carmina exsequialia Pi[i]s Manibus Summi Viri Scripta, cum Auctario aliorum ejusdem honori nuncupatorum. Norimbergæ Ex officina Abrahami Wagenmanni. M D CXXI.

Short Title

Itinerarium Ægypti, Arabiæ, Palæstinæ ...

Volumes 2 parts in 1
Format Sm. 4to
Edition First edition, second issue
Place of publication Nuremberg
Publishing responsibility Abraham Wagenmann
Year 1621

This edition was translated by Georg Richter from Fürer’s manuscript journal and published posthumously. The first issue is dated 1620. The German original was not published until 1646, edited by Richter.

Fürer set out for Italy in 1562. In 1563 he travelled through the Ionian Islands and on to Crete and Cyprus. The main focus of his work is Egypt and Palestine. An observant traveller, he visited Cyprus in 1566, and his description of the island is on pp. 103-109. He came of a notable Nuremberg family, which included important statesmen among its numbers.



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Place of publication:Nuremberg
Author:FÜRER VON HAIMENDORF, Christoph (1541-1610)

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