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Book ID B.0302
Author [FRANCO, Giacomo (ca. 1550-1620)]

Viaggio Da Venetia, A Costantinopoli Per Marre [sic], e per Terra, et insieme quello di Terra Santa. Cioe Citta, Castelli, Porti, Golfi, Isole, Monti, Fiumi, e Mari, Opera vtile, à Mercanti, Marinari, et à studiosi di Geografia. in Venetia Apresso Stefano Scolari: a S. Zul: Marco Sadeler. In Venetia Con Priuileggio.

Short Title Viaggio Da Venetia, A Costantinopoli...
Plates & Maps
01. Venetia.
02. Ordinanza dell’ Armata Christiana della Santissima Lega.
03. Golfo De Trieste - Qvarner

More maps & plates
Format Oblong large 8vo
Place of publication Venice
Publishing responsibility Stefano Scolari and Marco Sadeler
Year ca. 1670

This collection of plates was first published by Giacomo Franco in 1597. Franco was active as a publisher from 1596. Stefano Scolari was a publisher active in Venice from about 1660 to 1690, while the engraver Marco Sadeler was active from about 1600-1636. Scolari was known for his maps of Crete, and since the final capitulation of the entire island to the Turks took place in 1668, it seems likely that renewed interest in the eastern Mediterranean prompted this re-issue, in which the original 70 plates have been augmented by seven unnumbered plates, three of which are signed by Franco.



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Place of publication:Venice
Year:ca. 1670
Author:[FRANCO, Giacomo (ca. 1550-1620)]

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