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Book ID B.2122
Author SELLER, John (1632-1697)

Scripture Geography. Or a Booke of Mapps of all the Countreys and places Mentioned in the old and new Testament. By Iohn Seller. Very usefull for the understanding of the Scriptures And may be bound up in Bibles.

Short Title Scripture Geography...
Plates & Maps
01. Asia
02. A Chart of the Mediterranean Sea. By John Seller. [with Cyprus]
03. A Geneological Table of the Sons of Noah.

More maps & plates
Format Small 8vo
Edition 1st edition
Place of publication London
Publishing responsibility John Seller
Year ca. 1670

John Seller, was active as an instrument maker, surveyor, cartographer and publisher. He was appointed hydrographer to King Charles II in 1671. Seller is particularly important in the history of cartography as the publisher of the first English Pilot, but he also produced atlases, works on navigation, almanacs and loose sheet maps. Because of the rarity of complete copies of this work, we append a list of the plates.



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Place of publication:London
Year:ca. 1670
Author:SELLER, John (1632-1697)

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