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Book ID B.2160
Author FERRETTI, Francesco Annibale (ca. 1523-ca. 1593)

Diporti Nottvrni. Dialloghi Familliari Del Cap.o Franc.o Ferretti Cav.ro Dell’ Ordine Di Sa.to Stefano. Con Ladimostratione [sic] Figvrale Intagliata Da Michel’ Angelo Marrelli Anconitano; 1579 [colophon: Stampato In Ancona. Apresso Francesco Saluioni. 1580. Con licentia de Superiori.]

Short Title Diporti Notturni...
Format Small 8vo
Edition 1st edition
Place of publication Ancona
Publishing responsibility Francesco Salvioni
Year 1580

The Diporti Notturni is a curious work, combining a collection of essays on the tactics of warfare with an isolario typology. Engraved by Michelangelo Marrelli, 20 of the 28 maps included depict Cyprus and the islands of the Aegean. Ferretti was a member of the Order of St. Stefano, founded by Cosimo de Medici in the mid-16th century to harass Turkish shipping in the Mediterranean.



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Place of publication:Ancona
Author:FERRETTI, Francesco Annibale (ca. 1523-ca. 1593)

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