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Book ID B.0152
Author GRAZIANI, Antonio Maria (1537-1611)

Histoire De La Guerre De Chypre, Ecrite en Latin Par Antoine Maria Gratiani, Evesque D’ Amelia. Et traduite en François Par Monsieur Le Peletier, Prieur De Saint Gemme Et De Poüencé. A Paris, Chez Andre’ Pralard, rue S. Jacques, à l’Occasion. M. DC. LXXXV. Avec Privilege Du Roy.

Short Title Histoire De La Guerre De Chypre...
Format 4to
Edition 1st edition in French
Place of publication Paris
Publishing responsibility André Pralard
Year 1685

Although Graziani never visited Cyprus, his work is the basic source for the War of Cyprus and has been used extensively by historians of the island. It was probably Graziani’s diplomatic work with Cardinal Francesco Commendon during the 1560s and 1570s that inspired him to write a history of the War of Cyprus. He was involved in all the diplomatic exchanges in the European courts during a period in which a common policy against the Turks was a major issue.
This copy is of especial interest as coming from the library of Madame de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV. She died in 1764, and her library of over 3000 volumes was sold in 1765.



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Place of publication:Paris
Author:GRAZIANI, Antonio Maria (1537-1611)

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