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Book ID B.2145
Author NICOLAY, Nicolas de (1517-1583)

Les Qvatre Premiers Livres Des Navigations Et Peregrinations Orientales, de N. de Nicolay Dauphinoys, seigneur d’Arfeuille, varlet de chambre, & Geographe ordinaire du Roy. Auec les figures au naturel tant d’hommes que de femmes selon la diuersité des nations, & de leur port, maintien, & habitz. À Lyon, Par Gvillavme Roville. Auec priuilege du Roy. 1568.

Short Title Navigations Et Peregrinations Orientales...
Format Folio
Edition 1st edition, 2nd issue
Place of publication Lyon
Publishing responsibility Guillaume Rouillé
Year 1568

This is the original form of Nicolay’s work, with copper engravings by Louis Danet, presumably after Nicolay’s original drawings. Nicolay’s drawings were re-engraved for use in other works, chiefly in the French editions of Chalcocondylas’ history. They also served as prototypes for many other costume books, both printed and manuscript. Nicolas de Nicolay, royal geographer to Henri II, was sent to Constantinople in 1551 to join Gabriel de Luetz d’Aramon’s embassy to the Porte. Aramon’s entourage included many famous travellers and scholars: Pierre Belon, Pierre Gilles, André Thevet, and Guillaume Postel, among others.



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Place of publication:Lyon
Author:NICOLAY, Nicolas de (1517-1583)

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