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Book ID B.0275
Author PARUTA, Paolo (1540-1598)

Storia Della Guerra Di Cipro Libri Tre Di Paolo Paruta Siena Dalla Tipografia Di Pandolfo Rossi All’ Insegna Della Lupa M DCCC XXVII

Short Title Storia Della Guerra Di Cipro...
Format 8vo
Edition 1st separate edition
Place of publication Siena
Publishing responsibility Pandolfo Rossi
Year 1827

Paruta, historian and litterateur, became historiographer of the Republic from 1562. When the political situation in Venice changed towards the end of the 16th century, he was appointed to several important official positions, including ambassador to Rome (1592-1595) and procurator of St. Mark, next in importance to the Doge himself. Just before his death he became ‘Provveditore delle Fortezze’. Paruta’s description of the War of Cyprus was included originally in his history of Venice. Its publication separately as Storia della Guerra di Cipro may have been inspired by the revolutionary wars in Italy and Greece in the 1820s.



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Place of publication:Siena
Author:PARUTA, Paolo (1540-1598)

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