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Book ID B.1603
Author PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius (fl. 2nd c. A.D.), and Michael SERVETUS, editor (1511-1553)

Clavdii Ptolemaei Alexandrini Geographicae Enarrationis Libri Octo. Ex Bilibaldi Pirckeymheri tralatione [sic], sed ad Græca & prisca exemplaria à Michaële Villanouano iam primum recogniti... Qvinqvaginta Illae Qvoqve Cvm ueterum tum recentium tabulæ adnectuntur, uarijq΄[ue] incolentium ritus & mores explicantur. Lvgdvni Ex Officina Melchioris Et Gasparis Trechsel Fratrvm. M. D. XXXV.

Short Title Geographicae Enarrationis Libri Octo...
Format Folio
Edition 1st edition
Place of publication Lyon
Publishing responsibility Melchior and Gaspar Trechsel
Year 1535

This is the famous "editio prima Serveti" named after its editor Michael Servetus. He was burned alive for heresy at Geneva, and it is said that many copies of this edition, which served as evidence against him, particularly the passages on Palestine, were burned at the same time, on Calvin’s orders. One piece of evidence used against Servetus was the passage on the back of map [37, Palestine], where it is explained that "Palestine was not such a fertile land as was generally believed, since modern travellers reported it barren". This was not Servetus original view, but copied from the 1525 Prickheimer edition. Illustrated with 49 woodcut maps taken from the Strassburg editions of 1522 and 1525. Additionally to the original 27 Ptolemaic maps, here are 21 ‘tabulae modernae’ including L. Fries world map of 1522 bearing for the first time the name "America" for the New World.



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Place of publication:Lyon
Author:PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius (fl. 2nd c. A.D.), and Michael SERVETUS, editor (1511-1553)

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