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Book ID B.1701
Author HARANT, Kristof (1564-1621)

Putowanj/ aneb Cesta z Kralowstwj Cžeského do Města Benátek: Odtud po Moři do Země Swaté/ země Judské/ a dále do Egypta a welikého Města Kairu: Potom na Horu Oreb, Synai a swate Panny Kateřiny, w pusté Arabij ležjcý: Na dwa Djly rozdělená: A Od Vrozeného Pana, Pana Krystoffa Haranta z Polžic a z Bedružic/ a na Petce [et]c. Rzjmského Cýs... geho milosti Raddy a Komornjka/ Léta 1598. ...Cum gratia & privilegio Sacræ Cæsareæ Regíæq; Majestatis. Léta Pané: M. DC. VIII.

Short Title Putowanj/ aneb Cesta z Kralowstwj Cžeského do Města Benátek...
Volumes 2 parts in 1
Format Small 4to
Edition 1st edition
Place of publication Prague
Publishing responsibility Heirs of Daniel Adam of Veleslavin
Year 1608

Harant was a diplomat and composer as well as a traveller. He set out on his journey to the Holy Land in 1598 and travelled for over a year, following the familiar route via Venice, Corfu, Zante, Methoni, Cerigo and Cyprus. The numerous woodcuts depict costumes, many after Nicolay, as well as genre scenes, botanical and zoological subjects, and views and plans. He converted to Protestantism and joined the forces of the Bohemian States in the uprisings against the Catholic forces. In 1621 he was executed together with other Bohemian nobles by the Austrians for his participation in the battle of White Mountain.



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Place of publication:Prague
Author:HARANT, Kristof (1564-1621)

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