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Book ID Β.2044
Author PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius (fl. 2nd c. A.D.)

[Cosmographia] [colophon:] Clavdii Ptolomei Viri Alexandrini Cosmographie Octavvs Et Vltimvs Liber Explicit Opvs Donni Nicolai Germani Secvndvm Ptolomevm Finit. Anno M CCCC LXXXII. Avgvsti Vero Kalendas. XVII. Imprssvm [sic] Vlme Per Ingeniosvm Virvm Leonardvm Hol Prefati Oppidi Civis.

Short Title Cosmographia...
Format Folio
Edition 1st Ulm edition
Place of publication Ulm
Publishing responsibility Lienhart Holle
Year 1482

First Ulm edition, based directly on a manuscript of Ptolemy’s Geographia by the cartographer Donnus (or Dominus) Nicolaus Germanus, a Benedictine monk from the diocese of Breslau.The Ulm Ptolemy was the first atlas to be printed outside Italy. It was also the first in which the maps were prepared as woodcuts instead of engravings, and the map of the world, signed by Johannes Schnitzer, is the first signed, printed map of its kind. The Ulm edition is also the first to include a corpus of five modern maps, incorporating new geographical discoveries, in addition to the Ptolemaic corpus. The new maps depict Spain, Italy, France, Scandinavia and Palestine. This is a splendid copy of one of the most ambitious projects in the history of early printing.The expense of the production eventually bankrupted Holle.



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Place of publication:Ulm
Author:PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius (fl. 2nd c. A.D.)

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