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Book ID B.2047
Author CLUVERIUS [=Cluver, Klüwer], Philipp (1580-1622)

[Engraved title:] Philippi Clvveri[i]. Introdvctio In Vniversam Geographiam tam Veterem quam Novam Tabulis Ιllustrata. Cui Adiuncta est Danielis Heinsi[i] Oratio in Obitum eiusdem Philippi Clvveri[i] Cum gratia & Priviliegio Sac: Cæs: Maj: ad trecennium. Brunswigæ Tijpis Balthasaris Gruberi sumptib[us] Gothofredi Mulleri [colophon: Brunsvigæ. Typis exscripsit Balthasar Gruber. Sumptibus Gothofredi Mülleri. Anno M DC XLI.]

Short Title Introductio In Universam Geographiam...
Plates & Maps
List of maps, our numbers:
01. [Geographical diagrams]
02. Typus Orbis Terrarum [New World, with map of North Pole mounted on verso, replacing original map]
03. Typus Orbis Terrarum [Old World, with map of South Pole mounted on verso, replacing original map] [maps 02 and 03 together, circular and large folding]

More maps & plates
Format Small 4to
Edition 1st illustrated edition
Place of publication Brunswick
Publishing responsibility Balthasar Gruber for Gottfried Müller
Year 1641

Cluverius' work is of importance for the development of geographical theory, and he is considered the founder of the science of historical geography. His Introductio treats each country, especially of Europe, separately and in considerable detail, and attention is given to the human element. Joseph Vorstius edited Cluverius’ work after his death and published it in 1624. The work appeared in numerous editions from 1624, but the early editions are not illustrated. The Brunswick edition was the first to be illustrated, and many of the maps are by Conrad Buno. The maps in the various illustrated editions are not the same. The various publishers of the work chose particular maps for their editions. In fact there are four different versions of the map of Cyprus in the various editions of the Introductio.



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Place of publication:Brunswick
Author:CLUVERIUS [=Cluver, Klüwer], Philipp (1580-1622)

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