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Book ID B.0833
Author BESANT, Walter (1836-1901), and Edward Henry PALMER (1840-1882)

Jerusalem, The City Of Herod And Saladin. By Walter Besant, M.A. ... And E. H. Palmer, M.A. ... London: Richard Bentley And Son, New Burlington Street, Publishers in Ordinary to Her Majesty. 1871. [The Right of Translation is reserved.]

Short Title Jerusalem, The City Of Herod And Saladin...
Format 8vo
Edition 1st edition
Place of publication London
Publishing responsibility Bentley
Year 1871

Palmer, a self-taught orientalist who worked with Charles Wilson on the Survey of Palestine, produced several important books, including The Desert of the Exodus, 1871. He was murdered in Egypt in 1882. Walter Besant was secretary to the Palestine Exploration Fund; he produced an account of Palmer in 1883: Life and Achievements of Edward Henry Palmer. This is basically a history of the city of Jerusalem, with information on Guy de Lusignan, the first King of Cyprus.



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Place of publication:London
Author:BESANT, Walter (1836-1901), and Edward Henry PALMER (1840-1882)

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