Mediterranean Cartographic Stories: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-century Masterpieces from the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation Collection

Edited by Panagiotis N. Doukellis

This elegant publication (Athens 2019) features select papers presented at the 3rd International Conference of the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, entitled ‘Knowledge is Power’ (Cartography Sessions), held in collaboration with the University of Cyprus (Nicosia, November 2016). The essays annotate three – until now unpublished – distinct manuscripts dating to the 17th and 18th centuries from the Foundation’s Collection: an atlas from the famous cartographic workshop of Giovanni Battista Cavallini (Livorno 1635); a large-scale map of the Mediterranean by an anonymous Ottoman cartographer (17th or 18th century); and an extremely interesting experiential mapping of 18th-century Cyprus. These documents invite us to revisit particular issues of historical cartography, of cartographic contacts and knowledge exchange in Constantinople and Tuscany, of artistic and aesthetic qualification of geographical space where there was real and/or imagined domination by specific state entities (Tuscany, Ottoman Empire), and of people who feel the need to map their travel experiences.

Hardcover, cloth, 17.5 x 24.5 cm, 175 pages
ISBN: 978-618-83044-2-0
Published by AdVenture SA

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Libraries as Repositories of Knowledge: Present and Future

Editors: Filippos Tsimpoglou, Elena Diomidi-Parpouna

E-proceedings (Athens 2017) from the first session of the 3rd International Conference of the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, which took place in collaboration with the University of Cyprus under the title 'Knowledge is power' (Nicosia, November 2016). Eminent experts from Europe and the USA investigated the achievements, challenges and prospects of five significant models of libraries (academic; art library; digital; public; national), with emphasis on the need and potential for synergy between different types of Open Libraries. Aiming to promote the dialogue on the present and future of libraries as active repositories of knowledge, the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation offers readers the e-proceedings for free, providing them with open access to an international forum where the exchange of views on this subject is continued.

E-book in English, 82 pages
ISBN: 978-618-83044-1-3
Published by AdVenture SA

Cyprus and the Levant: Rare Books from the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation

Compiler: Leonora Navari
Editor: Artemis Scutari

This collectible catalogue in three volumes (Athens 2016) takes us on a journey through the history and culture of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, with detailed descriptions of 782 of the most important rare editions and manuscripts from the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation collection, one of the most significant private repositories of works on Cyprus worldwide. The remarkable wealth of information and the beautiful illustrations encompassed in Cyprus and the Levant guarantee a rewarding experience for those who explore its pages.

Hardcover, cloth, in matching case, 34 x 25 cm, 712 pages
ISBN for complete set of 3 volumes: 978-960-87792-9-7
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Cyprus: The Book of Maps. Annotated Catalogue of the Printed Maps of Cyprus, Volume 1: 15th-16th Centuries

Compiler: Ashley Baynton-Williams
Editor: Artemis Scutari

This volume (Athens 2016) is the first part of a new, 3-volume annotated catalogue designed to record every printed map of Cyprus within a span of 400 years, from ca 1485 to 1885. Along with the image and the technical features of each map, the user can find information on the map’s occurrence and/or reoccurrence in various editions, repositories that hold copies of the map and facts regarding its maker(s) and the context of its production, as well as connections with cartographic prototypes and derivatives. The first volume is devoted to the 15th and 16th centuries, while the forthcoming second and third volumes will cover the 17th to the 19th centuries.

Hardcover, cloth, 34 x 25 cm, 168 pages
ISBN: 978-960-87792-7-3
Published by AdVenture SA

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Corsairs and Pirates in the Eastern Mediterranean, Fifteenth-Nineteenth Centuries

Edited by Gelina Harlaftis, Dimitris Dimitropoulos and David Starkey

This volume features 10 select papers from the 2nd International Scientific Conference of the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation (Athens, October 2014). Chiefly based on primary archival sources, the essays in this edition (Athens 2016) offer a rich, vivid and accurate overview of piracy and corsairing, a phenomenon of significant impact on the historical, political, financial, juridical and cultural developments in the Eastern Mediterranean (and beyond) from the 15th century onwards. These select papers prove that those of us who insist on believing that pirates and corsairs were nothing more than unconventional, bohemian characters, in some romantic reverie that has little to do with our reality, should probably reconsider.

Hardcover, cloth, 17.5 x 24.5 cm, 174 pages
ISBN: 978-960-87792-5-9
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Cyprus at the Crossroads: Geographical Perceptions and Representations from the Fifteenth Century

Editing, Introduction: Gilles Grivaud, George Tolias

Being a key geographic, strategic, commercial and cultural crossroad, Cyprus attracted the interest of travellers, pilgrims, scholars, scientists and men of action, who contributed to the production and standardisation of representations of the Island in significant texts and maps, marking its position on the world’s historical, political and cultural ‘atlas’. This volume (Athens 2014) features 13 select papers from the 1st International Scientific Conference on the Greek World in Travel Accounts and Maps, organised by the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation (Athens, October 2012).

Hardcover, cloth, 17.5 x 24.5 cm, 260 pages
ISBN: 978-960-87792-8-0
Published by AdVenture SA

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Christos G. Zacharakis

3rd edition (Athens 2009), fully revised and enlarged, with 3.910 entries and 2.000 pictures. The only cartobibliographical book about Greece and the surrounding area. It features Mainland Greece, the Archipelago, the Ionian Sea, Crete and Cyprus with its surrounding area. Maps of the Middle East depicting Cyprus and maps of the Balkans including parts of the Greek regions are also being presented for the first time.

Hardcover, 34 x 25 cm, 358 pages
ISBN: 978-960-87792-4-2
Published by AdVenture SA

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Compiler-Editor: Artemis Scutari
Introduction: George Tolias
Technical Advisor: Leonora Navari

A bilingual exhibition catalogue (Athens 2003), in English and Greek, featuring rare books as well as unique manuscripts and maps about Cyprus. It covers the period from the late 15th to the late 19th century. The overall material has been structured into five sections, so as to display the development of cartography of the island alongside the unfolding of its history.

Paperback, 32 x 24,5 cm, 237 pages
ISBN: 960-87792-1-9
Published by AdVenture SA

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Transcription & Translation: Agamemnon Tselikas
Coordination: Leonora Navari

Antonio [da] Millo, a Greek sailor, then Admiral, from the island of Melos, created several isolarios (island books illustrated with maps), at the end of the 16th century. This volume (Athens 2006) is the first publication of Millo's Isolario. In addition to colour reproductions of all of Millo's beautiful maps and a transcription of his Italian text, the book also includes Greek and English translations of the manuscript original, introductory information and a full index. An edition of interest for anyone passionate about the Mediterranean and its islands.

Hardcover, 29 x 21.5 cm, 300 pages
ISBN: 978-960-87792-2-8
Published by AdVenture SA

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Letters historic and entertaining on the past and present conditions of the Island of Cyprus

written by Namindiù La Manon in Provence, Year 1785 Editor: Rita C. Severis
English translation: Sylvain Béraud

Manon, Aix en Provence, year 1785: Antonio Mondaini (alias Namindio or Namindiù) writes, in the Italian language, 14 significant letters on Cyprus. Travelling philosopher, keen observer, naturalist, geologist, antiquarian, scholar and poet, Namindiù thoroughly describes archaeological sites and presents the history of Cyprus as well as his experiences with the locals. The Cypriot countryside, its people and their habits are depicted in the most brilliant of colours. This edition (Athens 2007) is a true treasure of information on 18th-century Cyprus.

Hardcover, 28 x 18,5 cm, 357 pages
ISBN: 978-960-87792-3-5
Published by AdVenture SA

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