Letters historic and entertaining on the past and present conditions of the Island of Cyprus

written by Namindiù La Manon in Provence, Year 1785 Editor: Rita C. Severis
English translation: Sylvain Béraud

Manon, Aix en Provence, year 1785: Antonio Mondaini (alias Namindio or Namindiù) writes, in the Italian language, 14 significant letters on Cyprus. Travelling philosopher, keen observer, naturalist, geologist, antiquarian, scholar and poet, Namindiù thoroughly describes archaeological sites and presents the history of Cyprus as well as his experiences with the locals. The Cypriot countryside, its people and their habits are depicted in the most brilliant of colours. This edition (Athens 2007) is a true treasure of information on 18th-century Cyprus.

Hardcover, 28 x 18,5 cm, 357 pages
ISBN: 978-960-87792-3-5
Published by AdVenture SA

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